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Smart Technology For Homes and Businesses

Music & Cinema

Discrete music systems can be totally hidden and controlled from your smart phone or touchscreens across many areas of the home or business premises.

A home cinema system can be an amazing experience that the whole family will enjoy for many years.

We work with experts in multi-room music and cinema, making sure you get the most from audio in your home or business.

Discrete music system
Home cinema

Wi-Fi & Networking

Wi-Fi and getting a good internet connection is critical to all our daily lives.  The reliability and speed of the connection coming into your home or business is only half the story.

Having a high-quality Wi-Fi installation and network backbone is essential to ensure you maximise the speeds and reliability of your connection, especially in larger properties.  

Automated Heating, Lighting and Blinds

Automating lighting, window shades and heating controls can make all the difference, providing a comfortable controlled use of light, coupled with intelligent heating systems that adapt to the changing temperatures.  
Being able to control light and heat through the use of motorized blinds and window shades means views are not compromised while the environment is comfortable and private, with no unsightly cords or controls.

Automated lighting and blinds
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