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Digital Design is a term that includes many technical tools that improve design quality, construction information, building operation and management.

Digital Twin

The creation of a digital twin, ie a complete virtual model of a building in component form, has been proven to enhance design quality, improve coordination and reduce on-site queries.

3D models can also be used to produce photo-realistic images for lighting design, interior visualisations, animations and fly-throughs.

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The FULmax is available in various sizes and configurations, with a versatile operating system and core applications capable of driving improved collaboration and change across multiple industries.

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Fulmax is effectively a portal which provides a 1:1 experience of your project, or product, and its related data, it is cutting edge VR that critically allows teams to work together rather than alone via a headset. It’s team friendly design is simple and elegant, and its extensive technical functionality allows it to quickly generate a high return on investment by leveraging the power of project or product data.

It has been designed to enable project certainty and outperformance against time, cost & quality targets. It does this by bringing project, or product, data to life at 1:1 scale, its touch screen and simple controller interface present no barriers for non technical people, they can easily navigate large datasets and make high quality decisions together. This simplicity is key to its success.

CGI & Visualisation

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