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Mechanical & Electrical Design

At the forefront of innovative MEP services design, BTP has unrivalled experience delivering low energy, award winning designs and solutions. From high-performance buildings to carbon positive housing developments, BTP applies leading-edge tools to solve complex, systemic challenges and provide for a more sustainable future.

Site Evaluation & Utility Infrastructure

We provide knowledge and experience working with the utility infrastructure sector aligned with practical experience of low energy and sustainable engineering solutions. 

Reducing risk and providing programme certainty, the early competitive tendering of this important element has signifiant benefits to many projects. 

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Energy and Carbon Strategy

With in-house MEP and Sustainability a joined up approach to site and building energy/carbon and services strategies is essential. 

Modelling software is useful along with empirical testing for retrofit projects, where infiltration, air leakage and energy consumption analysis contributes to the design criteria. 

Empirical Testing & Load Data Analysis

Analysing an existing building by testing and measuring fabric performance can provide significant improvements to energy and carbon consumption, often reducing running costs, improving comfort and reducing damage to the fabric of a building. 


Arranging testing and interpreting results of both intrusive and non-intrusive surveys such as thermographic and air leakage testing contributes to the energy strategy for many retrofit and refurbishment projects.


Where historic metered energy and water data is available this can be interrogated, interpreted and compared to benchmark data to evaluate historical performance and efficiency. 


When used in parallel with a detailed dynamic simulation model, a calibrated model can be generated, and used to predict more accurate improvements. 

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Engineering Concept Design

Creating the right concept and evaluating options is arguably the most important aspect of our work. 

Communication is also key, and our digital engineering team can help bring concepts to life through the use of images and sketches. 

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Engineering Detailed Design

Creating accurate detailed and co-ordinated design information not only assists the construction stage, but also helps to attract tendering contractors and will reduce risk allowances. 


By reducing risk, a project becomes more defined, more certain and quality improves.  

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