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What is NABERS?
NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is a sustainability measurement which can be implemented across multiple building sectors including hotels, shopping centres, apartments, offices, data centre and more. 


A NABERS rating helps to accurately measure and the environmental performance of a building while identifying areas for cost saving and future improvement. 


NABERS Ratings

NABERS provides a rating rom one to six starts for building efficiency across the following sectors:

  • Energy

  • Water

  • Waste

  • Indoor environment

NABERS ratings are valid for 12 months ensuring up to date operational analysis. 


In 2020 NABERS launched in the UK for rating the operational energy efficiency of UK offices. NABERS was introduced with the aim of bridging the gap in performance between design and in-use energy performance for offices in the UK. 

NABERS ratings will measure the actual energy usage of existing offices with a rating from 1-6 helping building owners to accurately measure the performance of a building. 

Developers will also be able to use NABERS UK as a part of the Design for Performance process to target a specific NABERS energy rating throughout the design stage. 

NABERS UK has been developed in conjunction with the Design for Performance initiative led by the Better Buildings Partnership, working in close collaboration with Australian NABERS. 


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