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Part S - Changes Incoming for Construction Industry

What is Part S?

Part S is a new Building Regulation approved document due to come into play June 2022. Part S aims to future proof domestic and non-domestic properties specifically relating to the 'Infrastructure relating to the charging Electric Vehicles'.

While there will be exemptions and exceptions, in the main new buildings or buildings undergoing major renovation or material changes will be required to, at minimum install a 7kW EV charger, or cable routes capable or providing supply.

Why is it necessary?

Changes were deemed necessary after a recent study relating to infrastructure were found to be one of the biggest concerns for drivers when it came to purchasing an Electric Vehicle. 37% of people asked stated a concern over the number of fast charging points, with another 30% stating an inability to charge at home as a reason preventing them.

The UK is set to ban the sale of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles by 2030 in a move which is mirrored by car manufacturers who look set to stop production of ICE cars altogether. With electric vehicles a growing market, now seems the time to implement infrastructure changes which will help uphold a surplus of charging needs as we head towards 2030. An increase in charging points is designed to give potential customers the confidence their EV charging needs will be met.

The addition of charging points will see additional costs to developers with the cost of installation for EV chargers capped by Part S at an average of £3,600 per charger. As well as capital cost and infrastructure requirements the location of both charging points and parking spaces will need to be considered due to a drop in power for any domestic charger further than 15m away from the grid.


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