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Passive Perfection

Designed and built to Passive House standards, the client required a low energy luxury property designed to be future-proof for future generations of the family.

BTP supported BHP Harwood architects and the client through the design process, time was spent visiting existing passive house properties to give the client confidence to omit a boiler from their dream home.

Conscious of their future generations, the property is fitted with E.V chargers, MVHR tempered cooling and sunamp thermal stores all powered from the 22KWp roof integrated PV array. Rainwater is collected, filtered and distributed throughout the property and externally to taps and irrigation.

Constructed without a boiler or any form of central heating system the super-insulated air tight fabric achieved an air tightness of 0.52 m3 h-1 m-3, exceeding the stringent design criteria.

For more information on this project or any of our other projects please contact us at or give us a call on 0800 011 6433.


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