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Part L & The Future Home Standard

Last updated eight years ago the Government's consultation response to 'The Future Homes Standard: changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for new dwellings' is a welcome improvement in the residential sector's ongoing evolution.

Fabric Standards - The Government has acknowledged the need to"improve the fabric standards of our homes and build the supply chains and technology options for low carbon heat that will save carbon through the next decade and put us on a cost-effective pathway to 2050."

Hydrogen & Heat Networks - In addition to improving fabric efficiency it is also proposed that low carbon heating systems are integral to the specification of Future Homes Standard. Technologies such as hydrogen are noted as potentially featuring in the heating systems of the future.

For new homes however the Government notes that they anticipate heat pumps and heat networks being the principal means of producing low carbon heat for buildings being built to The Future Homes Standard.

The consultation response confirms it will be 2025 for adoption of 'the' Standard with an interim update to Part L to be implemented by June 2022, for 'full application' as 'Part L 2021." An update to Part F which outlines ventilation requirements for new homes will accompany the Part L update.


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