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Riverbank, Maidenhead

The brief on this project was not only to demolish and restore the existing 1960's property but also provide the client with a sustainable, low energy home. 

Thanks to some clever engineering and a forward thinking client this project now boats not only a luxury residential property but one that is heated and cooled from the River Thames. 

Here are the key design features:

12kWp PV electricity Generation:

Water Source Heat Pump, with ‘Heat Blades’ installed in the River Thames.

These heat blades provide a heat transfer path to either take heat from the water into the property (via underfloor heating), and vice versa.

Sunamp thermal stores to generate hot water throughout the year. These are a modern technology that utilise phase change material to store thermal energy directly, and then discharges this extremely quickly when required, to generate instantaneous hot water.


The property will benefit from almost 10000 litres of rainwater storage, which is predicted to be sufficient to serve the property without any mains top-up, throughout the year.


The system includes both particulate and UV filtration, booster pump and buffer tank and serves all showers, WC’s, WHB, external taps and provides the feed to the hot water Sunamp units.

Images courtesy Holland Green Architects

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