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Stowe School - Buckinghamshire

The building of a new girls boarding house continued the School's ongoing review of onsite accommodation. 

The new boarding house will accommodate 24 students while also boasting living facilities, common rooms as well as gardens and terraces. 

The building is made up of two blocks connected by a glazed bridge at the first floor. The main block is two storeys with external terraces between first floor accommodation volumes. 

The second block is is partially sunken providing three floors, a House Master's flat and study bedrooms. 

The main entrance opens into a double height common room/kitchen. Open stairs connect the study bedrooms overlooking the common room. The bridge spans the path to the second block containing further study bedrooms. 

The ensuite study bedrooms have been developed along with the school, based on previous Queen's and Stanhope Houses. 

The building was designed from the aspirations of being an energy efficient building with low energy inputs and enabled by a highly insulated envelope and glazing and high air-tightness levels. 

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