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Digital Engineering Supports Renewables Application

As part of the “Be Green” strategy for energy consumption and energy provision developed by BTP Consultants, our in-house team of visualisers produced CGI to support the PV array planning application for a recent project.

In order to accurately represent the proposed position and visibility of the panels, the team carried out a photographic study from different viewpoints on the existing site as well as in-depth research of the site survey and the landscaping project.

The visualisers created a topographic model of the proposed landscape design including photorealistic woodland, meadow and lakeside planting inline with the planting concept. The produced high resolution CGI images provide a truthful visual representation of how the PV array would be perceived from certain viewpoints by an observer. “A picture is worth a thousand words” and without a doubt, a 3D visual can be a helpful tool in the planning application process.


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