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Part L Changes Published

The Government has finally published plans for a new version of Approved Document L (energy efficiency), a new AD F (for ventilation), and confirmed a new regulatory standard for managing summer overheating; all are applicable to new-build homes across the UK.

So what's changed?

Lower Emission Rates - The Emission rate is being lowered with the Government pushing for a 31% reduction in CO2 over current standard, however they have also published a lighter version to give an option of 20% instead.

Fossil Fuel Heating Systems In the Firing Line - The current Target Emission Rate is understanding to properties that use LPG or oil heating systems but the new Part L pulls no punches. While not a straight out ban it will be much harder to comply with Part L when using an oil heating system.

Every Dwelling to be Air Tested - Air Leakage Tests will become mandatory with the maximum target being dropped from 10 to 8.

Air Quality - The Part F proposal suggests whole house ventilation and windows with opening restrictions should be made mandatory for homes in lower quality air areas.

Target Primary Energy Rating - The New Part L would introduce Target Primary Energy Rating which will measure the total energy demand of a building, rather than just the heat demand, based on the natural energy content of the fuels used in the dwellings.

Transitional Arrangements - There is currently a 12 months grace period for transitional arrangements but this looks to be replaced with a more stringent time frame. However, sites that have already begun construction will not be affected.


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