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Which SMART Home System Is Right For You?

In recent years Home Automation Systems have taken a dramatic leap forward resulting in a highly competitive and somewhat confusing market for customers. With more and more people now interested in implementing some version of Home Automation into their homes it is no surprise that this recent boom has seen an increase in both products and companies in the market.

While there are a large number of Automation Systems available, for the purpose of this comparison we will be comparing what we view to be the 4 biggest Systems on the market; Crestron, Control4, Savant & KNX.

Product Overview:

Crestron – Market leaders in automation systems, focusing on bespoke residential products. A highly customisable system is designed entirely to the customers wishes resulting in flexibility no other system can offer.

Control4 – Pre-programmed system that is renowned for its ease of use.

Savant – Based on the IOS operating system from Apple Savant is a relatively new face in the European market.

KNX – Originally from Germany the KNX system is a stand-alone system that has been used a lot in multi-residential buildings thanks to its attractive hardware and cheap cost.

So what are the differences between the systems?

Control4 – What makes the Control4 system standout from the pack is its ease of use. The system is renowned for being simple to understand as well as being easy to integrate with other devices and systems within your home. The Control4 system integrates with more 3rd party devices than any of the other systems while arguably being the most cost-effective option.

Crestron – The most customisable system, Crestron is the most luxurious and complex option on the market. Due to its high complexity you have often needed a high-level programmer to set up and programme a Crestron system, something that can be a huge benefit when done properly, or a liability if done poorly. Due to the criticisms of their system Crestron have just released a new system – PYNG OS2 – a much simpler and easier to install system which Crestron claim will negate the need for a high level programmer.

Savant – Based around Apple’s IOS operating system it is no surprise that Savant is a favourite of users with Apple products. The system itself is easy to install and use allowing users a good level of customisation. The Savant system is very well made and has a reputation of requiring the least amount of maintenance of any system.

KNX – The KNX is a good looking, cost effective option that is somewhat lacking with its integration options. While it is a stand-alone system there is limited capability to link it with 3rd party devices which depending on your requirements can be seen as a weakness.

How to choose:

When it comes to comparisons and vying products against each other we often require a concise numbered ranking listing the best to worst. However, the truth here is that all the systems are good, it just depends on your own personal preferences as to which will best suit your needs.

What we would recommend is going and trying out all the different options on the market, hold the hardware in your hands and see which one looks and feels the best for you. Don’t forget that each system runs differently so taking the time to try out the interface is strongly suggested to make sure you get a system that’s easy for your everyday use.


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